Q.I have questions about a particular race. What is the best way to get an answer?

Ans. If you have any questions concerning the race please first review our FAQS to maybe see if your question has already been answered if it is not. Email us at info@benjamindash.com or call our Benjamin Dash Support Line at 305-279-7RUN.

Q.Can I volunteer at a Benjamin Dash race?

Ans. If interested in volunteering at a Benjamin Dash race in your area, visit our Volunteer Page and fill out the form.

Q.Are these flags really worth money? How do I convert my flags to donations for my cause?

Ans. All flags on the course have monetary value

Q.How do I get bib numbers, race waivers the course guide, packet pickup info for my race?

Ans. During the online registration process you will be provided with the race waiver and course guide. On event day you will be assigned a bib number.

Q.How do I surpass all other Benjamin Dashers and make the most money for my cause?

Ans. To become the optimal Benjamin Dasher we recommended you review both our Training and Strategy Page and follow the tips and tricks.

Q.Benjamin Dash WHAT IS THIS?

Ans. So if you haven't gotten the memo, The Benjamin Dash is an innovated course run which test the emotional, mental, and physical grit of any human. It was created for anyone in this world with a cause.

Q.How do I register for a Benjamin Dash?

Ans. It is very simple click on the ''GET IN ACTION NOW!'' button on the home page and it will lead you to our simple easy step-by-step registration process.

Q.Why does Benjamin Dash impact so many lives?

Ans. Giving people the opportunity to be present for what they believe is the ultimate reward. Many try to be in action but do not have a canvas to do so. The Benjamin Dash is that canvas.

Q.What else makes the Benjamin Dash a force to be reckoned with?

Ans. The entire event is a movement toward ending greed and idleness.

Q.What kind of obstacles will I be facing?

Ans. Every obstacle in the Benjamin Dash will have an original design, which was created to test mental, physical, and emotional grit. Benjamin Dashers will be running, jumping, crawling, climbing, digging and using their bodies and mind to finish the race.

Q.What is the deal with the wave times and how they are structured?

Ans. The most competitive wave will begin bright and early at 8:00am and will have additional flags distributed throughout the course.

Q.I'm ready to be in action, what is included with my entry fee?

Ans. Access to the race, access to the end race celebration and a chance to win many more prizes

Q.What's Benjamin Dash Clan?

Ans. A Benjamin Dash clan is a group of individuals who share the same cause and want to strategize on how to gain the most flags.

Q.Where can I find a course map?

Ans. Course maps will be emailed to participate in PDF format as part of their online registration.

Q.How can I find out more about the Benjamin Dash Ambassador program?

Ans. We are constantly looking for individuals to volunteer their time and do marketing for a Benjamin Dash, contact us at our number or send us an email to find out what areas need promotion and how you will get compensated.

Q.Am I tough enough for the first wave?

Ans. YES. Believe in yourself but don't forget training always helps!!

Q.How do I learn more about obstacle racing?

Ans. There are many obstacle racing articles online, feel free to subscribe to our news letter or follow our blog for the latest news and races.

Q.How much does it cost to Dash for the Benjamin's?

Ans. Ticket pricing is posted on the event page descriptions. Find out how to save by cl ??????

Q.Are the prices listed per person or per team?

Ans. Each ticket is priced per person, if you have a group of 10 or more you do receive a discounted team price.
Note: all racers must be in the same wave.

Q.How can I register?

Ans. You can register here, by phone, or by completing a form with a Benjamin dash affiliate that sells you your ticket.

Q.Do you offer refunds?

Ans. NO we do not issue refunds nor partial refunds. You agree to these terms here during the registration.

What if I'm injured?

There is no way we can measure how severe your injury is compared to another so we do not issue refunds based on that. Although if you have a paid ticket you can still watch as a spectator.

Q.I am a family man. Man! Is there anything my family and kids can participate in while I run the race?

Ans. First off, if any of your family is 14 years old or older, they should be participating right beside you. But, hey, if they don't, they will learn soon enough. Anyway, there will be plenty of ongoing raffles, live entertainment, activities and obstacle runs for them to enjoy.

Q.What is the age requirement?

Ans.You must be 14 years old to participate. If you are not 18 or older, you can still sign up, but we need your parent/guardian to sign a waiver and bring it with them day of, with 2 photo IDs. You can pick up your waiver at packet pickup locations. Check out our tips and tricks and work out regiments so your ready when the time comes.

Q.Do we have to bring our own belts to carry flags?

Ans. We will provide runners with belts once they receive their BIB number, which will be made to attach flags. We encourage runners to be creative if they need to carry more flags than they are able to attach.

Q.Can I request Will Call to have my registration packet and grab it the same day?

Ans. Any will call will be held at the entry booth. We strongly recommended that you arrive before your start time.




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